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All Graphical Abstracts should be rectangular, with the exception of Cell Journal.

Standard requirements for rectangular Graphical Abstracts
The image needs to be 1328 x 531 pixels for a 300 dpi image and 2213 x 886 pixels for a 500 dpi image.

Cell requirements for square Graphical Abstracts
These are either 55 x 55 mm or 67.7 x 55 mm in print size. This means the size for the 55 x 55 mm image at 300 dpi needs to be 651 x 651 pixels and at 500 dpi, 1085 x 1085 pixels. The size for the 67.7 x 55 mm image at 300 dpi needs to be 800 x 651 pixels and at 500 dpi, 1333 x 1085 pixels.

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