Metabolic Engineering

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Publication schedule year 2012

Volume 14, 6 issues
ISSN: 1096-7176
Publisher: ELSEVIER

Impact Factor (2009): 5.512!!

Metabolic Engineering is devoted to publishing original research on the targeted improvement of metabolic pathways for the production of fuels and chemicals from renewable resources. The journal will carry articles on the introduction, modification and optimization of pathways or enzymes in suitable host cells to allow them to produce novel compounds of industrial and medical interest. Analysis of metabolism to elucidate cell physiology relevant to biomedical systems and disease (such as diabetes, obesity, cancer) is also of interest. Strategies for altering the regulation of biochemical pathways and cellular processes will also be presented.

Metabolic Engineering presents a unique opportunity to publish quantitative analyses of metabolic pathways and their relationship to cell physiology in industrial and medical contexts. Research papers delineating quantitative descriptions of biological networks and the regulation of biological processes are welcome. The journal will describe experimental, computational, and modeling approaches to understanding metabolic pathways, including manipulations at the genetic or environmental level.

The above topics and current research in the field make Metabolic Engineering the enabling technology for the production of fuels and chemicals using the power of microorganisms and other biological systems. Metabolic Engineering will provide a forum for communicating such interdisciplinary research.

Research Areas include:

• Metabolic Control Analysis
• Metabolic Flux Analysis
• Biological Transport
• Functional genomics of single genes and combinations
• Genetics and Genetic Engineering
• Biotechnology
• Bioinformatics
• Biological Network Analysis

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