Pattern Recognition Letters

Publication schedule year 2012

Volume 33, 16 issues
ISSN: 0167-8655

An official publication of the International Association for Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition Letters aims at rapid publication of concise articles of a broad interest in pattern recognition.
Subject areas include all the current fields of interest represented by the Technical Committees of the International Association of Pattern Recognition, and other developing themes involving learning and recognition. Examples include:

• statistical, structural, syntactic pattern recognition;
• neural networks, machine learning, data mining;
• discrete geometry, algebraic, graph-based techniques for pattern recognition;
• signal analysis, image coding and processing, shape and texture analysis;
• computer vision, robotics, remote sensing;
• document processing, text and graphics recognition, digital libraries;
• speech recognition, music analysis, multimedia systems;
• natural language analysis, information retrieval;
• biometrics, biomedical pattern analysis and information systems;
• scientific, engineering, social and economical applications of pattern recognition;
• special hardware architectures, software packages for pattern recognition.

We invite contributions as research reports or commentaries.

Research reports should be concise summaries of methodological inventions and findings, with strong potential of wide applications.
Alternatively, they can describe significant and novel applications of an established technique that are of high reference value to the same application area and other similar areas.

Commentaries can be lecture notes, subject reviews, reports ona conference, or debates on critical issues that are of wide interests.

To serve the interests of a diverse readership,the introduction should provide a concise summary of the background of the work in an accepted terminology in pattern recognition, state the unique contributions, and discuss broader impacts of the work outside the immediate subject area. All contributions are reviewed on the basis of scientific merits and breadth of potential interests.

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