Special Nobel Prize Issue for Chemical Physics Letters

On 10 December the Nobel Award Ceremony took place and this Special Nobel Issue was published.

Chemical Physics Letters is the fast publication journal of urgent communications of the highest quality and several breakthrough papers in chemistry have been published in the journal. As many as 13 key papers were published in Chemical Physics Letters by authors who went on subsequently to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for work linked to their articles. These papers are collected together and introduced with Historical perspectives explaining their significance, written either by the Nobelists themselves or by close colleagues.
This Special Nobel Issue contains papers published in Chemical Physics Letters by John Polanyi, Dudley Herschbach, Yuan Lee, Gerhard Ertl, Rudy Marcus, Bob Curl, Rick Smalley, John Pople, Ahmed Zewail, Jean-Marie Lehn, Mario Molina, Harry Kroto, Alan Heeger, and this year’s Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry Martin Karplus and Arieh Warshel. We would like to think also that this Special Issue will inspire some of the current authors and readers of Chemical Physics Letters to go on to win the world’s greatest prize in science!

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