Academic Infographics

Academic Infographics

Academic infographic is a popular way to present scientific
findings. Tell your story visually to promote your research
on social media, in the media or at conferences.

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  • After publication, infographics are an excellent tool for promoting your paper
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Your infographic in 3 easy steps

Visualize complex information

If you have many sources of data or different pieces of information that fit together to help you reach a conclusion in your research, simple text interspersed with disconnected tables and graphs may not be the most effective way of sharing you work. That's certainly the case if you want to share your research with a wider audience.

What if there was a way to guide readers through your findings visually, showing them how each element fits together to tell a complete story?

Infographics do exactly that. When scanning the information in an article, it is often much easier for readers to understand the research findings - including their significance and relevance - if they are presented visually. With an infographic, you can share your research across a variety of channels, helping you reach more readers and have a greater impact.

It takes a certain skillset to produce an accurate, representative and useful infographic - an in-depth illustration that displays information and data as a visual story. At Elsevier our professional illustrators are skilled in developing high quality academic infographics based on the information you provide, helping you tell your research story visually and showcase your work to a wider audience.

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