* Group deal benefits:

Benefit from a special discount as an individual, group, faculty or institution when using our English language editing, translation or illustration services.

We are committed to supporting our customers in the long term so we have created the "Group deal" plan where we provide their recurring authors with discounts and other benefits over a period of time.

To find out more about the "Group deal" plan and other opportunities, please contact our Group Deals Team:

Contact Group Deals

How does pre-paid credit work?

With this pre-paid method you create an account with us and credit it with the amount you choose. You then receive a unique access code which you can use when uploading your documents. Costs of all editing jobs using this code are deducted from your total balance. You can top-up the account balance at any time. 

  • Specially created for universities, institutions and authors who submit multiple articles for editing 
  • Invest a minimum of $1000 or €1000 for your Group Deal Package
  • We add a 10% credit to your pre-paid amount 
  • Your pre-paid credit can be used anytime within 24 months from the date of issue