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Your illustration in 3 easy steps

Your illustration in 3 easy steps

Bring your research to life

Text isn’t always enough to get your point across, especially if you are describing something visual. Sometimes it’s necessary and beneficial to use images and illustrations to bring your research to life. I

llustration can be a powerful way to communicate about your work. From protein structures to process flowcharts, they give readers an intuitive insight into your research, helping them understand concepts, determine their relevance and build upon them.

Like with writing, not everyone is a professional illustrator. A diagram created with limited skill and software can look unprofessional or worse, confuse your readers. Illustrations demand attention and can attract readers, so the last thing you want to do is miss this opportunity and put them off with low quality illustrations.

With more than a century of experience in academic publishing, at Elsevier we know how much of an impact high quality illustrations can have. Our professional illustrators can perform visual magic, taking a rough sketch on a napkin and turning it into a clear, polished, accurate illustration that reflects the high quality of your research and helps readers understand it better. Working with a professional illustrator can make a big difference to your publication, attracting more readers and showcasing your research.

To help bring your research to life with professional illustrations, contact us for a quote today.