All you need to know about Illustration Services!

1. What kind of artistic services do you offer?
We offer Scientific, Technical, Medical and Graphs & Charts, and formatting of tables
 in different styles as viewable in the service gallery. Illustration categories other than 
the ones mentioned can also be taken up. Our illustrations can be used for print and 
web applications as well as other specialized needs.

2. I want my illustration in a style and finish not shown in your gallery, can you still do it?
We specialize in artwork and illustrations. If you have any other categories (caricatures, 
creative business graphics, for instance), apart from the ones shown in our catalogue,
please send us the reference information/files/images. We will review the content and 
get back to you at the earliest possible time.
However, we advise you to always choose a category which comes closest to your needs
as a starting point.

3. How do you support queries before I place an order? Is there someone I can call and
 speak with? Is there a toll-free number?

Contact us by Phone:
Americas Telephone (Toll-Free):
+1 888 834 7287
Asia & Pacific Telephone:
+81 3 5561 5031
Europe, Middle East & Africa Telephone:
+44 1865 84 3577

By Fax: +353 61 709228
By E-mail:

By Mail:
Elsevier WebShop Support
Elsevier Publishing Services
International Tech Park (Ascendas Phase II)
Crest-12th Floor, Unit-2,3,4
Taramani Road, Taramani
Chennai 600113

4. Your Illustration Services gallery lists certain types of art. How can I understand 
which type means what?

We provide four categories of illustrations in three or four types of finish styles as 
described in the table below.
Please make a separate entry for each illustration in your order and select the respective 
category. When you request the free quote we will also give consultation on what category 
will fit your illustration best.



Graph & Charts & Tables
Line Line Line 2-D



Please see our service gallery for a better overview.

Please note: If you find a category or style and finish that you would like but do not 
see in our catalogue, please attach a reference picture or provide us with a hyperlink 
to the reference picture and we will respond to you with a proposal.

Line - Line art is usually a black line work without any shading on a plain white.
2-Color - Art finished in a partial color palette
4-Color - Art finished in the full color palette
Photorealistic - Realistic style provides a real life feel to the illustration.
* Graphs, Charts and Tables can be formatted in 2D or 3D space.

5. What are the illustration specifications?
Guidelines for preparing artwork/illustrations are available in the Guide for Authors 
on the relevant journal page. To access the journal homepage, please visit Enter the journal title in the search box and click on 
the appropriate result to bring you 
to the journal homepage, which contains the Guide for Authors.
Detailed artwork instructions can be found here. 

6. What is the typical time you take to complete a project?
The time needed to deliver an illustration depends mainly on its complexity. Normally 
we take a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 business days to deliver an illustration. 
We provide cost and time estimates within 24 hours after you answer our queries.

To sum up, timelines from your acceptance and payment of the quote to the first delivery
 to you range from 5 to 10 working days, depending on the category. Please note that the
 total time will depend on the category of the job as well as on the number of revision 
rounds and the details and accuracy of the information supplied by you.

7. Could I make a rush order?
Yes, the time spent on your project is determined by its level of complexity. ‘Rush Order’ 
is not a commercial category on the Webshop, in the sense, we need to see what is 
possible and will charge you a small premium for quicker turnaround.
Based on your request and depending on whether our resources are free, we will 
confirm the possibility and deliver based on commitment. Again, the delivery time
and the price will be quoted before beginning the project.

8. How do you develop the art? What are your methods, processes?
Our disposition is to develop the art on a digital platform for the ease, with which the
artwork can then be adapted/repurposed with layers, effects et al for different usage
 contexts. We also prefer to develop most of our work as scale-independent vector art. 
But we are not prejudiced and develop pixel-based artwork. What counts in the end is 
aesthetics and practicality. We use standard tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Corel Painter
to develop the illustrations. When we should use traditional media for a particular job is 
a matter of customer request, our own artistic judgment or both.

9. In what form and file formats do you deliver the art?
File formats vary with the usage environment.
- Printing purpose - eps, tif, pdf.
- Online purpose - jpg, gif, png, svg.
- Interactive CDs/DVDs - swf, fla, html, vob.
Powerpoint - ppt, keynote.
Other requested file formats would be delivered upon availability and would be confirmed
while placing the order.

10. If I want your illustrators to make changes to the art that you deliver, how do I 
communicate the changes to them?

Handling revisions is one of the big challenges of providing illustration services online. 
Very often customers end up paying more for revisions than for the original illustration. 
Communication is intrinsically difficult in art development and so revisions can get into 
long iterations. Based on our experience and understanding of how authors work, we 
have developed a technology platform that enables us to query and enables authors to 
comment online on the art that is developed. By using such modern methods, we believe 
we can keep the iterations down to the minimum. 
To sum up, we provide for two to four iterations as standard and the time cost for this is 
built in. Again, we will inform you at the end of the second iteration if we are going to charge
 you at all for the additional time and if so, how much.

11. Are there any charges for revisions?
See answer to the previous question.

12. Is the file you deliver fully editable?
The final image file delivered by us would be fully editable in the application environment 
and version that it was originally developed for. There may be some constraints to full editability
 if your art contains text labels. For reasons of error mitigation, we curve or outline the text before
 final delivery, so the text does not jump/disintegrate. Should the illustration contain text and you 
want its full editability, then please express your requirements explicitly at the time of ordering.

13. Are all illustrations you develop digital and hand-made?
Yes. We do deliver hand-made traditional illustrations. For delivering handmade art as handmade
 art there will be packaging and shipping costs. Please also see answer to Q.10.

14. Do I get the full copyrights of the illustrations you create for my project? 

15. Do you archive my illustration in case I need changes at another time?
Yes, we keep an archive of all the artwork that you order with Elsevier WebShop, for a period
 of 12 months. An editable .eps file (to edit, you will need Adobe Illustrator CS 3) is the standard
 delivery format. You can ask for your files to be repurposed to other file formats anytime during
 the archival period and this is done free of cost. You can also request your files to be delivered
 in one vector (print use) and one raster format (online use) at the time of ordering.

16. What about the references I need to supply? How detailed do I have to be?
The more detailed you are the less time it will take for us to get started as we want to be as 
accurate as possible. Please make sure that you provide the source of all your references 
as we need to be sure that we don't violate any copyrights.  

Let us know if you have any additional questions by contacting us directly via our support site.