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You can upload scans of sketches or reference images; if so please explain how they are relevant.
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Please add any reference(s) that may help us in creating your illustration(s). References may be your own sketches, pictures, photos etc. (which we can copy) or may be from external sources. If you reference external sources, you must ensure that you are not violating any copyright laws, and the illustration service must not be used to breach copyright by asking us to copy material where the copyright is owned by a third party (unless you have that parties permission) such material should be referenced only as an example of a style to be used or for other reference purposes which do not require us to make a straightforward copy of the original. Please note that the fact that reference material is posted and freely accessible on the internet does not in itself mean that such material is in the public domain or otherwise copyright-free, unless the material expressly states so.
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Please clearly cite the source / hyperlink for all external sources and explain why it is being referenced: if the source is not cited or if it is found that the cited source is not traceable, our illustrators may request you to cite a traceable source clearly before proceeding with the drawing (but we will not use any citations to seek for any copyright clearances which might be needed, and which remain your responsibility). We reserve the right not to provide the illustration service in cases where we think the request may involve a breach of copyright or other rights.
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