How a Group Deal could help YOU 
Benefit from a special discount as an individual, group, faculty or institution when using our English language editing, translation or illustration services. 
Elsevier is committed to supporting our customers over the long term, so we have created Group Deal options which provide returning customers (or multiple customers at the same institution) with discounts and other benefits, which are explained briefly below. 
To find out more about Group Deals, please contact our Group Deals Team:

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How does pre-paid credit work?

With this pre-paid method you create an account with us and credit it with the amount you choose. You then receive a unique access code which you can use when uploading your documents. Costs of all editing jobs using this code are deducted from your total balance. You can top-up the account balance at any time. 

  • Specially created for universities, institutions and authors who submit multiple articles for editing 
  • Invest a minimum of $1000 or €1000 for your Group Deal Package
  • We add a 10% credit to your pre-paid amount 
  • Your pre-paid credit can be used anytime within 24 months from the date of issue

What our customers are saying about Group Deals. 

1. Prof. Chen Jing (who co-ordinates the Group Deal at Beijing Normal University) is pleased with the simplicity and high quality of the service: “It’s easy to set up services with Webshop. When we have problems, customer service are always there and very supportive. So far, our teachers have submitted around 600 papers for language editing. More than 99% of them are satisfied with the work of Elsevier. Based on previous successful experiences with Elsevier, we encourage our teachers to use the language editing service before they submit their papers to a journal.”

2. Prof. Suprakas Sinha Ray (Chief Research Scientist and Director, National Centre for Nanostructured Materials, Pretoria, South Africa) believes WebShop is making a positive impact: “It was very easy to set up my service with WebShop, which provided us all necessary information well ahead of time. I am extremely happy with the quality and always receive very high quality feedback from the reviewers and copy editors of my articles and books. I recommend WebShop to all of my colleagues, and believe correct English is very important to the impact of our published search results.”

3. Juan Saldarriaga (Botany Dept., University of British Columbia) is also happy to recommend WebShop: “It has been extremely easy to set up a working relationship with the Webshop. The staff (both in the Netherlands and in India) have been nothing but supportive, clear and extremely professional in their dealings with me (and I can be quite a difficult client!) I am extremely happy with the service received, the members of staff at Webshop are friendly, knowledgeable and fast. They have also been very good at understanding my instructions, which often can be quite complex. I would certainly recommend Webshop to anybody interested in producing images for publication. Webshop provides an excellent, sorely-needed service.”