Transparent pricing 

We offer transparent pricing. Prices are based on the length of your document and are exclusive of VAT.
Note: Please note that only one upload file per transaction is allowed. If the uploaded file includes more than one article or presentation, the submission/transaction will not be accepted at a later stage of the editing process. 

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Word count per manuscript
Up to 500* $135.00
From  501 to 1,500 $290.00
From 1,501 to 6,000 $599.00
From 6,001 to 9,000** $899.00

* Ideal for short documents such as Abstracts. Powerpoints, Introductory Emails, and Cover Letters do not qualify for this service. Turnaround time for this word count size is 2 business days
** Contact us if your manuscript is longer than 9,000 words. We have special arrangements and benefits for PhD theses or book authors.

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Please note that this service is not mandatory for publication in an Elsevier journal. Using this service does not guarantee selection for peer review or acceptance. Neither are you obliged to submit your edited manuscript to an Elsevier journal.