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How manuscript editing can help you get published

Don’t get rejected for language reasons! Elsevier’s English Language Editing service will ensure that your work* is free of grammatical, spelling, and other common language errors, so that reviewers focus on the quality of your research rather than your language skills.

Receive recognition for your research

Getting published is a crucial part of receiving recognition for your research. As a world-leading publisher, Elsevier has an extensive understanding of the scientific publishing process, from submission to peer review to publication, and all the steps in between needed to bring your research to the global community. 
When a manuscript is submitted to a high-quality journal, it is examined critically even before it is selected for peer review. At Elsevier, between 30 and 50* percent of manuscripts submitted to our journals are rejected without ever undergoing peer review, and one of the reasons for rejection is poor language.

Manuscript editing options

Enlisting a colleague or proofreader to edit your manuscript could save you money, but of course this is only effective if that person is qualified to do the job. In reality, many colleagues don’t have the time or language expertise of a professional editor, while many proofreaders don’t have the scientific expertise to fully grasp a scientific paper. Enlisting the help of a professional language editor can help you avoid these pitfalls.

Elsevier's professional language editing service

Elsevier’s English Language Editing service is dedicated to helping scientific, medical, and technical researchers increase their chances of publication by submitting research papers that are free of language errors. 

Our professional, PhD-level language editors are selected according to your research field. They have the subject matter expertise and editing experience necessary to rid your manuscript of errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency, as well as other language errors, so that reviewers focus on the quality of your research rather than your language skills.



Why is proper manuscript language important?

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* Research papers, reports, books, PhD theses, grant applications, and Powerpoint presentations
* Source: 'Eight reasons I rejected your article', Peter Thrower, PhD