Historical Issue of the Journal of Magnetic Resonance

Special issue with original groundbreaking papers, historical perspectives from the authors, and video interviews!

The Journal of Magnetic Resonance (JMR) is one of the oldest and most influential periodicals in the field. Many groundbreaking papers have been published in the journal, which led to major developments in the field and even to Nobel prizes. 

The special issue is a compilation of previously published groundbreaking papers as selected by the Editor of the journal. What will make this issue unique is that we have contacted the original author(s) of these articles and asked them to write a historical perspective on their original article and include a video message describing the research circumstances at that time. This will give us a unique insight what lead to these creative ideas and to the very personal “Eureka” moments of these authors.

This historical and commemorative issue of JMR contains 20 original articles, 20 historical perspectives and 20 video interviews on a separate DVD.

$ 99.00
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